I am going on 32 years old and still to this day have so many unwanted erections. I understand that when I am in a situation where erections are normal I would and do get them. What about the times where I am NOT wanting to get an erection in a totally non sexual situation and they still happen? ie. A physical at the doctors office!?! How can I stop this from happening? Talk about never going to see a doctor because this WILL happen. :( There must be something wrong with my brain! PLEASE HELP!


3111 days ago
Hi Wesley,

since I'm a woman I don't know how great my advice is but I'll try. I tried to find some information about this but there's hardly any. I did come across some info that Nicotene patches will work, so ask your doctor. I also don't think you should feel embarassed and I would remcommend telling your doctor about this problem. Your nerves about this could also be making your problem worse - meaning you fear the erection so you get one.

I also found some information recommending that it's better to wear boxers because briefs cause friction which equals stimulation(erections)- this will also allow you to let your penis point downward instead of up, when wearing briefs. Don't be embarrassed by this question - does it help if you masturbate before you go out?

If you're in public you could also wear a long shirt. Another thing I read, recommended wearing an elastic band on your wrist and snapping it - the premise being the pain will make it go away. Please don't feel embarassed I'm sure there's been other guys who've had this problem. Tell your doctor - there may be a simple solution and hey - it's better than not having one at all - right? Best of luck, Bella :)

3111 days ago
While I can appreciate the answer above, which has some great points in it, I would have to know the extensive nature of what you call "inappropriate times." For example, I would think that if you are getting a standard physical and being touched (checking for hernias) that getting an erection isn't abnormal at all. Now, if you are sitting in your car waiting at a red light and you get them with no physical or mental trigger, then I'd say that's inappropriate.

How often do you have the problem?

I had read about some new research around a condition being called "persistant arousal disorder" - which is pretty much people who are aroused ALL the time or a good portion of their day ... to the point they cannot function at all. If this is the case, I'd definitely talk to your doctor.

If it is only occassional and not interfering in your day to day activities, I'd just suggest a little more masturbation to ease any "urgencies" you may be faced with later in the day.


3111 days ago
I would say they are not as bad as saying I would have persistent arousal disorder. I do try the masturbation approach but they only have for about the next hour then I'm right back to getting erections VERY easily.

You would say that getting an erection at the doctors is a normal thing? If this is true then I wont worry about it. I just don't want to think I'm sexually turned on because that is not the case. Any other suggestions, Im all ears.



3108 days ago
I would say being aroused during a physical exam where your groin area is being touched is normal. The job of the penis is to become erect when touched... which is why I'd suggest against the rubberband/snap method mentioned before - you can actually train yourself to NOT have erections and your body doesn't quite care if you want one or not.

Now, persistant arousal disorder doesn't mean you'd have an erection 24 hours of every day and living in misery. It could be intermittant throughout the day but it is there and its a constant. So - while I can't make a call one way or the other, I'd suggest talking to your doctor or at least a specialist... a male specialist ;)

3093 days ago
I definitely would recommend still going to a doctor. If you get an erection, you can explain why, and they will be more knowing about how true it is.



2411 days ago
Hey Wesley, I had a chat with my dad about your concern, he just chuckled and said, tell him when he gets to be my age ( my dad is 61) and stil gets a hardon in front of the doc or nurse not to worry, to be proud of your penis and that it works as it should. So, I learned something about my father that I never had the nerve to ask him....yeah, he gets erections during exams and more often than I would have guessed...Be proud never ashamed or embarrased. You're normal.

2249 days ago
Hi Wesley, I have just come across your post from a while back and it has oddly reassured me. I am a similar age to you (33) and I also suffer badly from this problem. It's all very well when you're 17 but it's mortifying and frustrating at this age. I too worry about medicals - I had my appendix out at 31 and even after the op, when they were examining the scar, I had a visible erection (nobody commented but I was embarrassed). It does happen to men out age. I still suffer with persistent unwanted erections on a pretty much daily basis-yes, thinking about sex etc doesn't help, but I often get them for no reason at all. I get nervous in the summer about it and always worry about it on beaches etc Ex-girlfriends have been mixed in how understanding they've been. Currently Im single again and this can and does accentuate it. I can get very down about it and have thought about seeing a doctor many times-it's just the embarrassment of it all. Some days are fine, most are problematic but some days are just unbearable with hourly erections that are just a total pain. I still don't know what I can advise-really I just wanted to say you are not alone and ask if you ever managed to find a solution or 'magic pill' to stop it. All the best to you, Adam

2179 days ago
I also have this problem and I sympathise with you. It is a daily nitemare and can really mess up your esteem.

Thank you for putting your issue up though - its inspired me to also look to seek help for my identical issue. I'm only a few years younger than you but I feel the same way about it. It is so frustrating.

Best, Jon