It seems that a big reason why some of us are so unhappy with their lives is that we always think that the fate hasn't been so kind to us as it has been to someone else. We tend to envy our neighbors for having more money than us, a bigger house than us, a hotter spouse than us and so forth. Why is it so difficult to be content with what you have? Why do we always want to have it as good as someone else has? And finally, how to get over the feelings of envy? What to do so that you never feel bad when you see someone else making something, that you're reduced to dreaming of, a reality? How to feel content regardless of what you have and what fate has given you?


3440 days ago
I always look at how lucky i am. I had a daughter 5 years ago, a year later my husband had cancer and we were told we couldn't have anymore children. I already had a child some people dream about that so i considered myself very fortunate.

3439 days ago
Sometimes the best way to feel content with ourselves is to make a list of all that we have to be thankful for, and compare it to things that we feel are negative.

Lots of times, we will see the positive will win out.