My ex boyfriend and me have broken up recently about 2 weeks ago now he said we could be friends and of-course I do love him immensely but haven't try to contact him because i want him to have some space. Now our relationship has had his ups and down but the major down had come in july when he had a major accident and i found out he had been talking to another now he claims that nothing has gone on and that she started to like him. But recently i found out that she has brain tumor and i couldn't handle that. So he decided to break it up with me now I'm not upset that we are apart but i think that he isn't talking to me as part of get back at me. Now i dont know what to do because i love him alot and cannot wait to get a glimpse of him. I dont wait around my phone for him but i hope and wake up in the morning hoping i have got a text.
What do i do?


2660 days ago
What to do? Relax take an easy and do give him his space. Also seek another friend to develop a Relationship with. You are going to have a long wait with him...a very long wait.

2660 days ago
Yes I agree, give him lots of space. Whatever happens is meant to be.

2660 days ago
i agree also...find someone else to spend time with to get your mind off of him and give him some of luck to you....


2657 days ago
umm..i think yuh shouldnt give him da power...dnt be so worried and attached to him.If u guys broke up(i noe dis sounds mean)but get over it! not saying its that easy but life goes on..and yuh shouldnt need a man to help yuh thru life.Be independent..