My gf has sleep dreams of having sex with other men. I love her dearly and I understand that they are just dreams. I know she cant help what she dreams but is there a deeper meaning? Furthermore, How do I deal with it? I can't hold it against her but I can't help the fact that it bothers me...that she is dreaming of having sex with other men.


3270 days ago
I know this is supposed to be an answer post area but I want to add some additional background info...we have an amazing relationship. We both were married to spouses that cheated on us and we were introduced by my sister.. She is my angel and we are deeply in love. We have a great sex life and a very caring relationship.

3270 days ago

don't worry they're just dreams. It doesn't mean she wants someone else. Is it possible you're just extra sensitive because you were cheated on before? Did she tell you or can you tell because she wakes you up? You sound like you have a wonderful relationship and you should only care about that. It's not like she can control it, so let it go. All the best to both :)

3270 days ago
Hi- I think you are so blessed to have found someone that you are so happy with. As a woman I truly believe that she would not have told you about these unless she felt extremely close to you and trusted you deeply. A woman often would be too scared to share something so personal and the fact that she did makes me think she really loves you and feels loved by you. Have you ever dreamed about a woman that was not her? Or had dreams about women you did not know? We do not control our dreams at all, as you know. I'm really happy for you both that you have what you have described. Go enjoy her and cherish her and be happy with her and make her happy. My best to you!

3258 days ago
I too think they are just dreams, of course, unless she has feelings for the other guy and has told you or something...otherwise, I would consider it just a group of dreams...