I am bored and quiet fed up in my 14 years relationship i always feel used my husband is not willing to take up any responsibilities in our relationship or with children i always have to support us all financially and other ways. He is only worried about going on to play his sport or watching football and to see his friends there is no romance in our life he does not even plan a day to do any thing different for us from a normal routine the only thing he wants to do is have sex and thtats about it if we do go out i have to pay for it i have to pay for his cigarettes and his car petrol he always expects me to run around his mum and dad as his mum is very demanding and expects a lot of things done of me he sleeps most of the day but yeah he wants his breakfast, lunch, dinner on time and cooked at home i don't feel anything in this relationship any more.
please help!!!


2372 days ago
If your husband is not trying to find work or helping in the home, with kids etc you have every right to feel as you do!

I would suggest you give him an ultimatum of either he gets his act together or he leaves until he does!

It may be best to try to get him to agree to marriage counseling where he can be in a moderated environment and hear from the therapist just how he is taking advantage of you.

No way I would stay in such a relationship! but I also believe in trying to make things work. If he will not at least agree to counseling or to proving to you that he realizes how wrong his behavior is...tell him to leave and that he is not welcome back until he has a job and a different attitude. By putting up with his behavior, you are enabling it. He needs a very loud and clear wake up call IMO