I found out a few years ago that what I was feeling was depression due to being comparably happy for a short amount of time. However as the years go on I find myself back in misery like I have been for roughly 14 years. I'm getting pretty close to giving up as nothing has changed. "Things will get better". Useless rhetoric, cliched and unconvincing advice.

What is the point of life. Why bother perpetuating my misery?

Please keep all comments regarding god(s) out of this discussion.


2155 days ago
Hi tidefreitas - first thing I can say is, I lost my older brother 4 yrs this month - so I can tell you what its like from a families viewpoint. It places a great burden of shock, anger, shame and 'what ifs'...a legacy of pain. I'm not talking about God here...but I also believe life's a journey that needs to be played out and NOT interrupted. Even the bad things which happen in our lives have a lesson, if we're willing to see it or wait for it. For example - I probably wouldn't be here convincing you to live, if my own brother was still alive.

Second thing I want to say is - most people have a misconception about happiness. If things aren't going well, this spoils everything - but we can actually find some happiness and contentment in the midst of unhappy times. Depression also has a way of shading everything in sadness, where we can't even see joy when its in front of us. We have to grab and savor the little joys. There's also value in 'acceptance' which lets us be grateful for what we DO have, even though things could be better. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try to make things better but at least be grateful for what we have.

Are you in therapy and have you been diagnosed with depression? Can you make a list of what you're not happy about and come up with small solutions? Whatever can't be solved, its better to accept you can't change it and move on. There's also the important question - what if things improve....then a life is wasted. Another important tip, is never make life changing decisions during crisis - be patient and wait until you feel better. I hope this helps and please reach out for professional guidance.



2154 days ago
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2152 days ago
Well....let's see, Tidefreitas,

We have two answers here so far - a loving, touching one from Bella........and the other from someone in the same sinking ship as you are.

Fast spot question- which one do you appreciate most?

Tidefreitas, think of life as the greatest gift in the world.....as gifts go, they must be unwrapped. Sounds like you still have considerable unwrapping to do.You too, Smiterz.

Sometimes folks spend too much time trying to figure out who the gift is from.....and then much effort digging into the wrapping to get to the treasure. Yes...it can be a lot of effort... but did you ever notice? Anything worthwhile involves more sweat, but...but, it's really worth it.

When I was a kid (many years ago), Dad would take me fishing. The place we went was very difficult to get to....long walk...bushes with thorns..tight opening...lotta snakes...But man, the fishin' was great.That would be the gift.

Kinda like life....lotta rough edges(wrapping)...but once you get through the crappola(which life has also)you will really enjoy the fishing.

Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to.

And you don't have to save the ribbon.

Grace and Peace.

2151 days ago
don't kill your self you would only be hurting your friends and family. i have a cousin who tryed to kill himself. thank the spirits he didn't. when i was i allowed to see him i told him that he scared our family to death and it was bad enough when we lost both his parents to cancer but i couldn't stand to loose the only cousin that i could relate to. trust me it aint worth it.

2148 days ago
Try the songs "Be Somebody" by Thousand Foot Krutch and "The Last Night" by Skillet.