i am hot tempered,i get angry easily,i feel angry all the time and dont know why,someitmes i know why but i feel this internal anger just sitting there inside me.i dont really have any unresolved issues


3757 days ago
When I'm mad, i listen to music and punch the wall. Not the healthiest habit but still. You need to find a way to get rid of the anger. write down how you feel. write a poem. writing is good. ^_^ sorry if that didn't help... i tried

3756 days ago
Have you tried therapy, or talking about your feelings? Sometimes we can bottle our emotions, and then we're left with a pressure-cooker situation where our emotions become too much to handle and sometimes the only way that they express themselves is anger or rage.

WolfHeart had good suggestions. Try physical activity, or writing, or learn some sort of meditation or breathing exercises to help.

Good luck.

3750 days ago
Can you think of any reason you would be very angry? Lots of times it is stuff we have had bottled up within us--issues from the past that we have not yet resolved.

Like Wolf mentioned, perhaps journaling or talking to someone, writing?

You may want to see and talk to a T why you feel so angry, or perhaps check with a GP and make sure everything is fine.

Best of luck!

3738 days ago
Hello Confused. Many times how you are taught to deal with social issues and the decision making processes in life, encouragement is put on not disclosing the problem, and dealing with the problem yourself without seeking the appropriate professional help support for yourself. This in time can lead to many difficulties, mainly learning inappropriate techniques or behaviors to deal with issues or problems, even though the problem is Rarely solved through the behavior of choice, due to the fact the problem is not resolved by the appropriate opportunistic facilitation to resolve the issue in a stable and conditional and reasonable manner, the problem is allowed to consume your well being, and a sense of resolve is accomplished through harmful tactives such as cutting, burning, or self mutilative tactics to release the stress of holding the pain and torment of the problem inside and having no outlet for the pain to resolve the suituaion in a conclusive and resolvable manner. The hurt that you put yourself into with self mutilative tactics in time, takes the place of actually acting responsibly to seek the help needed for your problems and things just get escalated from that point, since there is no outlet for your anger because no resolve has been made in the situation, and you just keep getting angrier and face difficulties from the situation just replaying itself, since the approprite steps of getting the professional help or support you needed to help you make the decisions needed to close and resolve the situation were not acceptable nor available to help you get the closure you needed dso it jsut becomes a never ending cycle of frustration and self mutilation with nothing being resolved appropriately, and this in time can lead to depression or other feelings of rejection or anxiety from facing situation head on, and cause avoidance disorders which are unnecessary. There is help for your situation and your avoidance problems, if you are willing to get help from a trained therapist, to learn to deal with your issues in a more tactive and reasonable manner, without setting off the cycle of self mutilation, and aggression and anxiety. Getting professional help from a therapist can help you regain control over the things that seem uneventful to you at this time, and help guide you in steps to bring conclusions to your problems appropriately and safely, without having to trigger yourself into a total breakdown of facilitation of social and communicative abilities, and give you a colure to issues that need to be dalt with accordingly. Take care and good luck in your future endeavours.

3654 days ago
i feel the same way. i get angry for no reason what so ever. especially during school. the rage just makes me want to break stuff, i just want to get rid of the "source" of my anger altogether.

but writing does help a lot. a write poetry reflecting my feelings. and i even keep a journal that i write in whenever i feel really angry or depressed or even confused. i like to listen to some music too. it kind of helps you relax and forget about all your problems. i think it helps if you sing along to it too. well, i may not be much help, but i tried. ^_^

3503 days ago
Don't vent!

Doing that only re-enforces the undesired behaviour, or emotional responce.

I am angry all the time. When I am at "The end of the rope" I take a setp back try to take every thing in and plan what is going to happen next.

Now my problem is that im so angry lately that I feel like hanging my self. Now, that's not right.

I need help.

2624 days ago
Dear Ifeelbad,

It looks like it's been a while since you wrote this response but I'm praying that you did get help like you said you needed. I was looking up anger issues and how to get help with those issues when I came across this page. Even though I am just as messed up as the next person, if not more, I believe there is a God who loves us and wants to heal us from everything that has separated us from Him and everything good He created. Please know that this is sincere, I don't know you but I care about you. I know God cares about you and loves you. Never give up hope for true healing. Please

3316 days ago
i'm also angry all the time, everyone really aggravates me. people are selfish, unreasonable and they just want to use you. i know i have unresolved issues, my parents were emotionally abusive to each other and to us kids, i can't seem to get past it even though they are now in their 80's. they are both senile, mom has alzheimers, but they still just irritate the living sh*t out of me. i have no tolerance for their mistakes. i know it's because of things they did to me as a child, but i'm now in my 40's and it seems like i should be able to let it go and just let them be old people in peace. but it's all stuck here in my gut. and it spills over into my life, other people, i have no tolerance for stupidity. i feel very alone even though i am surrounded by people who 'love' me. i'm not sure how to help anyone else but i guess if we just keep typing it isn't so bad. makes me feel a little better.

3303 days ago
Hey angryone,my name is Beatriz, and i hear you man..ill be 40 on tuesday(march 3) anyways, my point is: i feel the same freaking way about my parents, theyre old and sick as well..they inflicted a lot of pain, neglect n misery into my life, hell, they threw me out on the streets when i was 13,and my mother did NOTHING!!!sorry i get very emotionally about it, and people expect me "to get over it"...EXCUSE ME??? my parents f...kill me and they expect me to get over it!!!!!wow..sorry i get so pissed over it..you know? what bothers me the most?? my own freaking brothers and sisters tell me that all the time: " you should let go, you need to forgive, its bad for you...etc.." well, excuse the f out of me!!!!! f you and my parents!!! how you like that?? and their response is: " youre only hurting yourself" "youre crazy..." youre god...right im crazy.. and im hurting myself??????MY PARENTS KILLED ME 40 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im so sorry angryone, please forgive my anger, im just venting...please dont take it personally..if you would like to respond back, hey, its only fair, right? you read my story, trust me, ill read yours.. anyways, i feel better already..thanx..bye..

3300 days ago
Beatriz, i feel like you just described my stuff. I am so glad someone else is as messed up as me, wow does that sound selfish. thank you so much for honestly venting, you are saying what i am feeling too. and i'm hearing the same things from my siblings...how can they just let go? what's wrong with me that i can't? it's like i'm stuck here in this angry hell and i know it isn't good for me or anyone around me. i'm having a crappy day today, i'm all pent up and i know it's cause i'm supposed to go to their house today after work and i know i'll get angry with them about some stupid thing and i know it will mess me up way more than it messes them up. the things they say sometimes, i just don't think they get it at all. they think they behave normally. they just continue to treat me as 'whatever' and tell me stories about how wonderful my brother is. on my way to work some guy was tailgating me so i got so angry and slowed down to a crawl and kept hitting my brakes. i'm just a small woman, this was some big dude, why do i do that? as i turned off the main road, he went past, i said out loud to myself 'hope i don't kill anyone today'. i have to stop this, we both really do. it's not good. it helps so much to talk to someone who knows how this feels. thank you...i will check for your answer...i feel better getting it out..maybe that's what we have to do, just keep talking...i think my blood pressure just went down a little, i feel calmer...

3298 days ago
Hey angyone! its good to hear from you, its amazing how we have so much in common, i even added you as my friend on this QnA thing, but you can also locate me on the forums, just go on members list and youll find my name, and you can send me a message directly to me, instead on this guys or girls block..so ill be waiting 4 you angryone, take care n cant wait to hear from you!!! have lots to share with you!! bye!!

3012 days ago
Hello everyone. I was googling "Why am i always angry and depressed" and it brought me here. I took some time to read your stories, and beatriz, i have a similar story. And because of it I had to become independent at the age of 15. Living from basement to basement working my ass of so that I could save enough money and build enough credit to get an apartment and I did last year when I was 19. I will be 20 this month on the 28th. But anyways. I met my now girlfriend when I got my place. She was my neighbor ( The girl next door ) and things started to get really tough after dating for 4 months. I got a roomate to help split the expenses, ( an old friend if mine ) Things were going along great with the new roomate. But then I began to feel jelous at how great of friends my roomy and girlfriend were becoming. It got to the point that she would ignore me and pay attention to him, and only him. I left them and whent to my room where she followed. I told vented and told her everything that was bothering. I trust her, and she promised me she had no feelings towards him, that she was only able to joke around with him more openly. That really sucked I thought, but I have let go of those feelings. But now i have a hard time being myself and being comfortable around them. I am so confused and all of this is depressing me. I feel like i cant take shit anymore.

Someone Help.

2413 days ago
Hello... im going thru something similar to you... My bff and bf work together. From the begining we were all very close and its been years but a couple of months ago I noticed her telling me things in sacastic ways... not like this always were.. I know they dont have anything going on behind my back. This all started when she started dating a close friend of his. but could i be jealouse of the close friendship they have?? I told him how i felt and he distant himself from her but now things are weird. we used to do everything together... but now Everything they both tell me i think its a lie.. I dnt know how to shake off this feelin. I am always upset and they think im crazy. I think I may be confused. anyways hope everything is well with you know. sorry i couldnt help much..

Benjamin check
3003 days ago
Its 630 am and I had to get out of bed because I became unreasonably angry. It actually woke me up at 2:48. When I get like this I have to try and calm down quickly or I get physically hot; I sweat and feel prickly hot flashes, waves of pins and needles up and down my back and head. If it passes that point.......I don't even want to talk about some of the events that have transpired. Sometimes I literally can't breathe. If something happens to set me off while im in one of those moods, I get so angry I actually start to ENJOY the anger. The worst thing is that I manage to be completely logical and coherent during an "episode." Its like I'm riding in someone else's body and have no control over what is happening. I don't have athsma or any problems, I'm healthy as a horse. I have a daughter on the way and I cannot invite the cops on a motorcycle chase like I used to do. I cannot do a lot of shit anymore. I don't want her to see me snap at my wife, her, my mother, or other people. I cannot do the destructive shit I used to do to manage it and risk prison or death. I don't know how to pick a shrink or counselor, only time I ever got any "help" was when I was 6 in court ordered custody battle counseling. The weed isn't working anymore; i can get pissed off and blow my high. I used to smoke a blunt when I would feel that hot, irritable feeling coming on, now I don't want to because I can feel my body getting used to the angry hormones and its addictive. Im 30, have a great wife, house, money, no sick friends or family members i give a damn about. Baby will be here in a week. Help......

2881 days ago
Its just so good to know that im not alone,Beatrice i hav that same feeling over my mum.she just makes me angry so so much sometime.most of the decitions she makes r just so stupid n sometimes i feel like maybe it would be better if she was gone!she gave me away when i was young and now after so many years of my sufferings she thinks she can just walk smoothly back into my life,i always try to help my sisters the way i can and now she has started taking advantage of that for her own good with her boyfriend!im moved away from them and im stayin in another country far from them so i used to send some money for my sisters schoolfees and she gav it to the boyfriend to go drink with it,i really hurts me so so much even my sisters they have started the hatred over her and her stupidity!She is 42 and i feel like my younger sister who is 11 is much much clever than her!It really makes me so mad and angry at everyone,before it didnt matter where i was,if i was fine and all that shit they try to say now,they think they care but they dont,its only that now i have more than what they have.some of my cousins who are older than me and i took care of them(at he age of 8),cooking for them and washing clothes and rooms are starting to think they can be my friends and i swear sometimes i just have the feeling that i can poison them just to get rid of them!I just cant move on in life,im glad someone out there has the same feeling i have because nobody ever gets me n how i feel!

im now pregnant and im suppossed to be happy but im not n it looks like my husband is the one carrying the baby as hes over the moon!i sometimes dream that i was on holidays n i left my kid playing by the river n got eaten by the crocodiles!its freaking me out!

please help...........

2867 days ago
It makes me feel a tad bit better too to know that i'm not alone...... Ok nevermind this is dumb this is the third mother fing time i've written all this it keeps shortening the entire thing......

2835 days ago
I feel this way too, If someone looks at me wrong Im ready to fight. I cant understand whats wrong with me, or if people say something wrong I just blow up. I go from calm to very angry within seconds. I still havent found other people like this face to face. I try to talk to myself in my head and calm myself down but it doesnt work. All my doors have holes in the them I punch holes in my wall. I punched a dent in my car I cant figure it out, I literally lose all grasp of reality and i just see red. Also Im quite a lot, constantly thinking, its like my brain never stops. My wife says I talk a lot in my sleep, I toss and turn. I havent always been like this, not until I was around 15 or 16. Im now 23 and I feel like i have a sickness. Always on edge, always thinking, always mad.

2829 days ago
If you are angry ALL THE TIME. See a DOCTOR. See a PSYCHIATRIST not a talk therapist. Talking about it only makes it stronger, more real, more part of you. Unresolved issues...whatever. That's old school thinking that I don't think helped anyone except those capitalizing on perpetuating this crap.

Can you tell I am angry? Yes, nearly all of the time. And I am beginning to understand why. I have gone through all kinds of stupid therapy and yoga and meditation...bla bla bla. But this is a symptom people. A symptom that your brain (a physical part of your body) is not working right. This could be a problem with the brain itself not producing enough chemicals or misfiring or whatever. This could also be a hormonal issue, a sleep disorder or thyroid issue (which can happen to males and females). I am finding it is all of those things with me and after decades of speculating over unresolved issues I now realize this is a PHYSICAL PROBLEM.

So stop punching walls and quit thinking about hanging yourself and GO TO THE DOCTOR. And if the doctor doesn't help go to another one. And if the doc says go to counselling you are at the wrong doctor, go to another one.

I'm still angry because I have just started the process of balancing my meds and I haven't received my CPAP machine yet but I can see much more clearly now.

You cannot think yourself out of depression and anxiety and CONSTANT anger.

2819 days ago

2770 days ago
I feel the same way as many of the other posters on here. I am a mother of 2 young boys who constantly fight. Plus they aren't potty trained so I am cleaning pee every day!!!! I had terrible parents that were extremely selfish!!! I've been a parent to them my entire life and I'm just sick of it. I was never molested but verbally and emotionally abused by both of them. My dad is a certifiable nutcase and my mom is the biggest "b*tch" to walk the face of the earth. She is manipulative, controlling, weak, frail and selfish. My parents are divorced so she leans on me and my husband for everything. She has so many health issues it's ridiculous. She actually makes me nauseous lately when she comes over, her energy is soo negative. She has NOONE so I cannot disown her although I think about it several times a day. She even said to me recently that her ultimate fear is that we will have a fight and I will never speak to her again. If she only knew how close I was to actually doing that. I hate her. She is always negative and manipulative and just to look at her makes my skin crawl! This is probably why my anger has been worse lately. I've tried switching from Zoloft to Celexa but I get so many migraines I can't take the Celexa anymore. I honestly wish she would never call me again I hate her that much but I am forced to support her emotionally and soon financially because she cannot work anymore due to her health declining so rapidly. She has panic attacks all the time, and chronic pain and even when I try to help she is still a b*tch! Why do we have to put up with such aweful parents? Maybe I should have disowned her years ago before she became so frail but I just couldn't do it. I wish I had a mom I respected and loved. I hate being angry all the time - like I'm going to explode!!!! My psychiatrist is useless - just prescribes different meds. Hopefully my christian counselor will be able to help although I'm embarrassed to tell him my true feelings about my parents. But it's the truth and I have to figure this out.

2723 days ago
I am man, a man of god - as I lay peacefully in my bathroom tube filled with warm water sniffling away as my tears roll down my face like miniture snowballs of pressure barreling down my face, I lay here thinking of how depressed I am from my life how I was mistreated growing up from family to friends to self infliction, I can't get over anything it's like I am a time capsule that will never forget, was I predestined to life this kind of life from god him self? People have caused me great pain in my life and I fold like a deck of cards when events start to unfold negitivley thus a dimeno effect or every thing at once will hit me! As I law here staring down the end of the tunnel and asking my self why? If there is a god, why the suffering? My problems started when I was young and now I am 31 married and tortured by life and people seem to tell me "learn to forgive and forget" tell that to people who are in a mental hospital that seem not to respond at all, my mind is fragile and it's to the point where I need to exit this life in order to have a life time discussion with god him self of a trip to hell to torture the devil for bringing this all upon the good people! I don't get it, I am all over the place with thoughts and conclusions and can't seem to focus but only on adderall in which I took 20 minutes ago, I must smoke weed in order to relax my head in order to deal with problems head-on, but I am a drug addict! Well people seem to think I am, but it's ok to take an over the counter drug like adderall and it's ok because it's prescribed? Or better yet, a cig is considered to be ok and legal ? How is it ok that people can kill thenselfs and people around then with smoking a cig which has 900 chemicals? And on top of it induced nicotine to help the so called drug addict? Fuck! I'm sick of it!!!!!I am at the second point where I just can't seem to push anymore tears out and now I am angry! I need to go back to church but even that has it's own problems! I am a 31 year old man of god who would give up anything to help others out, i am married to a great catch with problems of her own that inflict issues in our marriage, I can't have kids because of internal problems, my head is in the clouds and not to mention I am the online working with no time I have 1000 projects to finish as hobbies, and I can't do it all, I am a waking breakdown, I work out to keep my health but my eating habits are now failing, my ethics are failing as a result of a biomechanically breakdown causing an unbalance of my brain, I don't know anymore, I am at the end of the tunnel and now I must decide my conclusion of my for ever story.

I am sorry to everyone that I ever hurt in my time, I am sorry for all the wrong doings, I am sorry for not being a better brother, I am sorry for not being a better son, I am soo sorry I lost my best friend due to differences in path directions, I am sorry for not giving enough food to the homeless people who don't have, I am sorry god for not living up to your expectations, I am sorry grandpa for not saying I love you or say goodbye to your before you died and not getting my shit together so you can be proud of me, I am sorry to my wife for not providing enough money for us, I am sorry for not spening enough time with you like I should of, I am sorry to the good people that suffer from the greed of people and self inconsiderations, I am sorry for the people working 5 jobs to survive and the kids who have no home to life in, last but not least I am sorry for the devil who I am going to torture!

I am sorry to my self for all that I have not done or accomplished, thanks for listening to me!

Martin Izzo

[email protected]

2710 days ago
I have had several jobs where I feel mistreated or rejected by someone or a group of people and the upset and torment grows in my mind over months until I am miserable. I get angry and extremely hurt and upset and it overwhelms my work life to where it's all I can think of when I am there and I hear them. I don't want to quit my job. I know in my mind they are nice people and don't intend to hurt me. BUt I feel so hurt by them and the resentment grows. And I feel angry and I guess extremely injured and wanting them come over and behave a certain way towards me. I don't get it and now I think I have a pysch problem it's so persistent at times. I am so tormented by these people at work having a good time with each other all day and I am not part of it and don't try to be part of it because in the past one of them seems to want me to stay away. I went to a counselor and he thinks its easy and I don't need them, but I do need to be part of their group and accepted and have the same social experience at work. In other jobs I was growing angry with other people for other things. It's always the same it seems. SOmeone is always mistreating me or excluding me. I think I am trying to resolve or relive horrible childhood trauma and I can't take the reliving of that pain any more. But I am 52 and employment is hard to come by. It's a good job and I am lucky to have it. Someedays when the triggering situation is not there, I am quiet and ok and even happy somedays. I've more often than not had this going on at work. PEople have always been a source of great distress for me at work, though I have had many good times with people at work to. I just feel so confused. and afraid to take those psych meds that counselors have vrequently recoomended for me.

2669 days ago
i clicked this because i have the same problem.

all these gay useless answers just made me more angry.

i say it's because of doing so much mdma, in my case.

so the only resolution is.. to keep doing it, it's the only time im not angry as fuucck (:

2646 days ago
I really thought that I was alone with the same feelings of anger and depression that i am reading about hear. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I feel so bad for my family and friends that have to put up with my anger. I am a control freak and wish that I could just relax. I view people around me as stupid if they don't feel the same way I do about things. I try to talk to myself to calm down and realize that the things I get so angry and emotional about are not important. After I calm down then I am the one that feels so stupid then i get depressed and feel so worthless. I don't think that I would actually kill myself but sometimes explore the thought of it being an option to stopping the pain. I feel like shit because I know my family loves me but I can't feel it, if that makes any scence to anybody. I feel like being depressed is how I am supposed to be and I will always be like this. I don't go to any social events because I feel so uncomfortable as if people can see through me and judge me. Only people that feel like us understand how I feel. I am glad that I googled depression and anger and came to this site. I have been reading and am freaking out because so many people feel the same way that I do.


2645 days ago
I can be of help to many men out there that feel depressed or angry all the time. I am retired from the U.S. Army and work a job where military people and factory workers are totally different personalities (Toyota Manufacturing). I too, had a confusing upbringing. All I remember is my parents fighting all the time,sister smoked and did drugs in school. My brother was a jock and never around. My dad left when I was 11 years old. Boy, was I ever a confused child. I made the Army my family. I did struggle there too with the thoughts of my upbringing. We do have to take a step back and analyze our situation. Zoloft and other mind altering drugs is just a bunch of crap. When men hit the age of 30, their Testosterone levels decrease every year. Men need Testosterone to survive. I had mine checked because I wasn't able to maintain an erection very long. My T count came back about 430. That was average for a 44 year old, my doctor said. It needs to be anywhere from 900 to 1200. I have a friend that is 50 now,and has been on Testosterone therapy for about 10 years now. He has told me he feels great all of the time, except for the natural lows during the shorter days of the year, around December and January, due to the lack of vitamin D-3. I hope this will help men that are seeing a change in their lives do to just getting older. Forget the damn past and lets live. I volunteer my time with the high school wrestling team and help out with the scouts. I hope I helped someone out there!

2622 days ago
mate.. im same as u,, i ahev no problems at home or anythgin but, i am angry for no reason and i cant controle my anger.. i keep fightign and scarign people.. my friends say that im to agressive, but i dotn get very angry at my friends. but i cant actually controle my anger once i am angry. i will have to break their nose or make them cry. i cant take jokes anymore,, and its as recent as 4 months..iv always had figths and neve took shit from no one.. but recently i have gone mad.. i get mental over one word.. and even a joke.. by the way im 16

2018 days ago
Kurdland... one thing to remember is hormones are working overtime on you right now to get your body into adult mode. Hormones are the most powerful entity in the body and at your age they are in overdrive, as they are supposed to be. If your serious anger has come on recently, you can very well trust that it is the hormones taking over and it will last anywhere from a year to a few years. Studies show that the temporal lobe of the brain isn't even completely covered until we are well into our twenties. (I guess that's why insurance companies are so smart and won't let anyone under 25 rent a car!) Take it easy on yourself and know that what you are feeling is most likely natural and will pass, eventually. Just don't let the rage take you over. Keep in mind your body is growing.

2616 days ago
The question is; What has happens to make you like this? I know exactly how you feel, I think that if you are like me, the feelings come in waves. One moment it's all up and "happy go lucky", then the bile for no reason what so ever starts to rise up and just one small thing will set you off. So back to "What has happened to make you feel like this?"

Mostly it's a disire of some discription - every one is different - for me it's perfection, not in a phisical sence, but mostly in life. My Work, relationship with my better half and my family are everything and i strive for perfetion always. If somthing go's wrong - thats the trigger for me, my way aroud my problem was just to take things as they come, something go's wrong in the office, "they dont pay me enough to worry about it". something i've done upsets my girlfriend, "She loves me and i love her and we will get through this" (that one does take some work) something happens when i see my family, (this one i've yet to work out but i'm likey and they understand - after all, they wont be here forever)

When it comes to helth advisers, it will be pretty much anyone's game, i discovered it wasn't for me. I went to a councellor and all he could do was ask a large sum of pointless questions, i went to my GP and he persribed beta blockers. Frankly i have no disire to drag up history with someone who charges a large sum of cash to simply ask the question "how do you think this effected you?" - here's a tip - if i knew that i wouldn't ask for help (thats what your paid for!!!)nor do i have the inclination to take a pill to ease my anger problems (strangly enough, i want help from my doctor - not the pill for every ill routine!!!) Please dont get me wrong, these poeple can help and mostly want too. if you try (you must give it a fair chance) and it isnt for you, then fair enough.

i have read a few of the comments above and they suggest an outlet of some discription, fair do's, if that works for them (or you) then all the best and God bless (although i'm not to sure about the chap hitting a wall - sounds more likly to be painfull than helping vent a frustration)

I have wavered from the point, find you trigger, learn what sets you off. once this has been found, it becomes much easier to spot the problems before they occure, before it escalates in to something that cant be controlled. Try it, i hope it helps

Good Luck

2521 days ago
hey people is there anything u can take for the anger

2474 days ago
wow, i never realized i was as angry untill i read some of these posts and i relate to most of them! i dont wake up angry or just wanna hit ppl, but alot of simple lil' shit pisses me off! it makes me mad when my fiance' and his 17 yr. old daughter play fight, or laugh together or i guess just whenever they act happy together! i go into this jealous rage. i feel that he can pay attention to her but not me & our kids together! its hard for me to let things go, that hurt me or made me angry. i hold grudges! when my fiance' pushes my buttons after me trying to tell him how i feel or if he calls me names & screams at me or turns the fault on me i go berserk! ive actually punched him a few times and when i get upset like that i throw things and slam things and i remember being alot younger than i am now, livikng at home, if i didnt get my way i broke things! i guess thats itt, if i dont get my way or if i get hurt feelings & he doesnt show me attention i flipppp! im very needy & he is no where near taking care of my needs. i just get in bad moods over being irritated and i do that easily. most ppl say im a bitch, cuz i hav an attitude. maybe im just miserable inside!?! i would never hurt my kids, it seems lately its just my fiance' who pisses me off on a daily basis and cannot make me happy!! wat to do?????? any suggestions?? i have a counselor and a pshychiatrist but, that doesnt resolve all my issues. help?????????//

2431 days ago
My name is Ryan I'm 28 I'm the CEO of my company. I deal with a lot of people on a daily bases. I'm angry all the time lately to the point I feel as if I'm having a heart attack. The messed up point its only my family that makes me mad. I feel all i do is work no one ever calls to say how are you or is everything ok. It's I need help, or I want, or can I borrow, Its got so bad. I answer my phone saying what do you need because you not calling to just talk to me. Your calling because you need something. I have cut everyone off in the family. I feel so tired all the time now. Its a battle I'm having. I never sleep to the point im so tired I fight my self laying down at night. I write I do music. I can be ok all day. But once family is in sight or calls my heart races I turn into rage. like I hate them but love them at the same time.

2256 days ago
I always feel that way. Find some Eminem. Listen to a song that fits your situation and just forget about the world.

2233 days ago
Hi, am new to this site...

It has taken me too long 'googling' my anger problem - I too thought I was one of very few.

I have a very similar story regarding anger and my hate for my parents. Was thrown out from home at 14, by my mother and her 5th, or 6th, husband. My mother's last words were; God! it's going to be soooo nice when you are gone! (just typing it hurts so much even though I am now 45 *crying*). I have always said to myself that "if it doesn't kill you - it makes you stronger!" but that is something I no longer believe in, it makes you slowly crumble...

Almost every time my mother and I had a fight (which was daily) she always got the last word with saying; Why on earth didn't I have the abortion!

As long as I can remember she has told me the story of my granddad saving me from being an abortion...

My dad beat me up a lot as a child and my parents were divorced by the time I was 7 years old, I had missed a lot of my education as mum couldn't send me to school, due to the bruises or I just couldn't sit up.

I hated my father all my life for the beatings and I could never figure out why he beat me, it could be that I walked past the TV or I looked at him in a 'strange' way or that I look a lot like my mother. The bastard managed to die before I got the chance to confront him - so all my anger is still in me, waiting.....festering.... for when we meet again (in hell!).

It wasn't really until I got my own child that I started to hate mother, I mean real hate her - to the point that I throw up when she is around, it happened last time I saw her, I was stupid enough to invite her to my 40th). I have seen numerous therapists, doctors etc, have eaten various anti-depressants (all the drugs just makes me turn into a zombie!) without any luck or solution. I so feel like you Beatriz when it comes to the shrinks who tells me to forgive my parents as they did their best (!?) They soooo did NOT!! I can't forgive them, in stead I carry my hate all the time, feeling sorry for my self but also patting my back for surviving, for finishing college, etc.

My anger and hate for my mother and father is horrendous and as I left my home country as soon as I could - I end up taking it all out on my husband and son, so now I am turning into my mother!!! I hate myself now, I visually look more and more like her... being nasty and angry, like her!

I'm so very stuck in this viscous circle and feel that I might as well not be here, but I couldn't kill myself... I can't do that to my son.

Writing doesn't help, listening to Pink (who's music makes me cry) helps a little bit, talking to my husband is difficult as he can't understand my hate - according to him, his own mother is an angel.

It feels so lonely to be this angry (in a foreign country) when my husband's family is so caring, with each other, it makes me feel like I am truly insane...

(I'm too upset to write more)

2221 days ago
I've found listening to the band KoRn helps. Try the albums 'Issues' and 'See You on The Other Side'. They helped me pull through suicidal and angry times.

2169 days ago
As it has been said, Anger is a symptom of a larger problem. The first thing to do is to separate the the anger from "NFW-No F'in Wonder). There are things in life that make everyone angry.There are triggers that make only you mad.

NFW is a quick understanding that when someone does you wrong deliberately you will feel that way naturally. The question then is how did I put myself in this situation that it happened to me today. Not in the past but today. I have the control of my choices right now. The less things I invite into my world to trigger my feelings the less likely I will feel that anger.

Sometimes we absolutely HAVE TO let people go. Parents,family, friends, lovers, and otherwise unpleasant people in exchange if we seek positive lifestyle that brings a constant peace.

I too have many people on the outskirts of my little world that want nothing better than to bring their crap into mine. At the end of the day I am the only one that is truly looking out for my best interest so they are not welcome and most likely will not be welcome back. I will not say never but I really doubt it.

The hardest part is the FEAR that has been programmed into me by those who my teachers growing up-parents, siblings, family etc. fear that their criticisms are roght. Fear that I am not worthy to continue my struggle. Fear that I will never really be completely happy. Fear that I won't find my true soul mate.

Inside I am strong and I know I can persevere however the older I get the more energy it takes to rise after a failure. The voices of contradiction get louder and my successes are less fulfilling. My expectations are in line with what I experience every day.

So on a day like today, Easter Sunday, I am sitting home alone, pissed off at the world and trying to determine my action plan to getting past these feelings. The irony is that its almost impossible to make a good choice when angry.

Hang in there everyone...if you do nothing, nothing happens.

2065 days ago
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2018 days ago
I believe the reason so many of us are constantly angry has more to do with the bombardment of electronics and their low and high frequencies than anything else.

Sure, some people have really horrible pasts/experiences and/or sensitive personalities but this emotion is becoming more and more prevalent in the past several years with the onset of these extremely low frequency (ELF's)radio and electronic waves - not the least of which are mostly exacerbated by the ubiquitous "cell tower." They are absolutely everywhere, as well as "wi-fi."

You don't even need to be a subscriber to be affected... if you can pick up a signal, anywhere, that signal is passing through your body. And there's no place to go to get away from it, to take a break from it. However, one simple thing to do that DOES help, strangely, is to walk around on grass with BARE FEET for a few minutes each day. There is something about the benefit of the magnetic force in the earth that we cannot connect with while wearing shoes or walking on hewed substances (cement, tile, wood flooring, carpeting)that generates up and through us when walking on grass (growing up out of the earth.. not on say a 10th floor garden.) This magnetic force somehow quells the toxicity of the ELF's that do so much damage to our bodies and minds. This is based on scientific research - you can look it up.

Seriously, do some research on this topic and see how much these electronics are affecting us. Then go a little easier on yourself for having these feelings. Sure, we all want to live happily and at peace and being angry all the time isn't conducive to that, but realize that there may something PHYSIOLOGICALLY going on with you to elevate your anger, and once you know that, you can look at your anger with a little different perspective, I believe, and maybe getting a handle on it will then be easier.

Just my two cents worth due to my own anger issues (I used to be a very upbeat, sweet, easy-going, energetic and happy person - not so much in the past 10 years) and research about this strangling, crippling emotion.

There is also something else to consider, which I have only recently learned of. There is a type of personality called "Highly Sensitive." It is an actual, documented "type" and there are websites and books devoted to information about it. It discusses how the highly sensitive person feels things more accutely than most (including anger and rage)and takes things more personally... but it's not a flaw, it's just the way we are hardwired. There are things that one can do to lessen the extremes, but it's best to first go to one of the sites and take the little "test" to see if any of the particulars applies to you. Might be helpful.