My wife began showing signs of a mental illness about a year ago. She has been hospitalized 4 times in 6 months, but stops treatment and medicine once released. I don't think she has been properly diagnosed. She is getting worse by the day with very powerful delusions. My wife is having paranoid delusions that center around people trying to harm her. She writes notes to them before she goes to sleep to tell them to leave her alone. Then she goes on to say that if they won't leave her alone, then to allow her to go quietly with no pain. She believes that the main person who is controlling this is one of our neighbors. It is destroying our marriage because she thinks that I can stop it from happening. She srtuggles to get through the day, and recently lost her job as a result of her behavior at work. She refuses medication, yet I have seen that they can help her from when she was in the hospital. I have two children under the age of 10, and she can't control what she says in front of them anymore. She is 39, and I'm told that this is a bit late to start showing signs of schizophrenia, but I can't deal with this anymore. I'm trying to protect the kids from her actions, but it is getting too difficult to do anymore. I have found notes in the house written to her friends saying that when she is finally dead, please give her a proper funeral and burial. That is the strange part, because I would not call her suicidal. She wants to live, and says so all the time. my fear is that if she thinks people are coming after her to kill her, she may look for a way to do it herself to avoid them getting to her. She thinks they are in the house every night talking to her. When I ask her why they are coming after her, she says it is because they go after "bad people". When I ask her why she thinks she is a bad person, she has mentioned that is has to do with the fact that she liked this man in the neighborhood, and now him and his wife have set the ball in motion to do away with her. I have asked her if this man ever hurt or threatened her in some way. She hesitates, but then says no.

Can someone tell me what disorder this might be? I know that a good diagnosis can really help with a treatment plan.


3270 days ago
Hi Msup1,

I'm sorry you and your wife are going through a hard time. Firstly, most of us here are not therapists or doctors. Even if we were, a diagnosis can't be done over the internet. I realize how difficult it is to have a family member with mental illness. My brother had manic depression for 20 yrs. and I know the toll it takes on the family. I'm sure it's worse for you because of the children.

She probably stopped the medication because she doesn't like the way it makes her feel. You need to stay is close contact with her doctor. How old is the last child? The reason I ask, is because I'm wondering if it could be a more severe form of Post Partum Depression called Post Partum Psychosis. This could manifest itself with symptoms that you describe. I would also recommend that she has a cmplete physical including blood work (to check hormones). If it is that, then it's very treatable.

In there someone with her to take care of the kids? Also is there any family history of mental illness? You may also find comfort in a support group for yourself. You could ask the hospital about that. Make sure she avoids alcohol because it will make things worse. Also she should be on a multi-vitamin and a 3/6/9 oil supplement which is good for the brain. I would agree that 39 is a little late for a schizophrenia diagnosis.

I know it's hard , but try to hang in there for her. Take time for yourself and have faith that it will get better. Post partum depression and psychosis doesn't always show up righ tafter birth - it can show up to three years after. Best of luck to you and your family.

3255 days ago
39 may be a little to late for schizophrenia, but then again, perhaps she has had it before now?

I would definitely discuss all of this with your (her) doctor and see what can be done.

It is agonizing, I am sure, to realize what is going on.