I really need someone's help. I feel like I will never be able to find true love? I feel like all my cousins and friends are going to find such great guys, and marry and have a family. And I'm going to be the, pardon my language, 'idiot', who is going to left by herself on her life. It feels like no guy will ever want to marry me, I'm just a, pardon my language again, a 'stupid' girl. My parents have found true love, my brothers have all found girls that they love, and there are such nice guys falling for such horrible girls, no offense to anyone out there. I just feel like no one likes me, and that there is no one out there in this big world, that is going to love me and marry me.

Please help me. I'm so sad right now. I will always be alone.


2592 days ago
I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged ATM. I realize it's hard when you see family/friends getting married and then you start to look at your own life. I know you have certain customs as well - how do young people get connected in your culture? Do your parents think you're ready for a relationship or marriage? Are you finished school yet? Since you're young, I'm sure you won't end up a lonely person. Try not to get discouraged - sometimes love happens when we least expect it.

2589 days ago
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2585 days ago
hello ihatemylife. I can empathize with you on this. It sucks being young and watching all of your friends and siblings get married/have children. But the important thing is, just as Bella says, not to get discouraged. It will happen, these things just take time. Try to stay optimistic. Best of luck.