I don't know if it's just my age or something else, but I wonder everyday, will there every be a guy out there in this world that would love me. Every wedding I go to, it makes me happy to see a man and a woman so happy with one another, and in love; but it also makes me sad when I look at my life. In our culture, we do arranged marriages, and I had just found out that my cousin (that is 1 year younger than me) is already having calls from parents for her to marry their sons. I feel so sad. I have 5 older brothers (no sisters), and now 4 of my brothers have married off to the women of their hearts, and during every wedding, I have grown up every time, and that is how I have fell in love with the beauty of weddings. It is just so beautiful (the weddings are in my opinion). My favourite part is their first dance as a couple (at the wedding's reception), it's just so beautiful when you see the twinkle in both of their eyes as they both look into each other's eyes, it just shows the truth of love. It shows how love between your soul mate, is the most beautiful thing in the world. Also, I have never had friends when I was growing up, so it's really been hard for me to find love. I just wish I had someone that loved and cared for me, a specialy type of caring. I've never had that before. And in my family, I don't know if they truly love me, or that they have to love me because I'm there in their life. I've always wished for my family and I to go somewhere or do something together, but they just don't seem to be a very "huggy" type of family. I'm a very active, enthusiastic individual, and I just love doing sports, running, and just love being active. And I just wish I had a specialy guy to share those kind of intersts with. I just love seeing life, but's it's not much fun if you can't find that special someone to share it with.


2827 days ago
You need to change your attitude about your life. Stop lamenting what you haven't lost and start finding things to enjoy in it outside of relationships. That's my best advice.

2827 days ago
There is something I wonder about. In a culture of arranged marriages, is there really love, or is it obligation? Just a question that I've always wanted to ask someone in that type of situation. Are you able to say no if you don't love them or don't want to marry them?

I don't know your age, as you didn't mention it. But it seems you are caught up in the romance of the wedding. The wedding is one day, the love and commitment are for the rest of your life (hopefully). Think about what you want outside of the wedding. Everyone wants different things in a relationship, and you need to find the one person that compliments what it is you want. Example: I love to feel "taken care of". My partner loves to "take care of" me. So in that way we compliment each other. I'm a talker, and she loves to sit and listen. I like dating those a little younger than me, and she likes dating those a little older than her. I like tall people (she's 6 feet tall) She likes short people (I'm 5'3").

Don't worry so much about the wedding and the romance, think more about what it is you want to find in a partner. What will make this relationship last, and are you in it for the long haul. If all that is properly in place, then you will find that the romance and the beautiful wedding will be even better.

I hope you find the perfect man you are looking for.

2801 days ago
I think Edahn and Justjoanie are correct...Edahn mentioned trying to look for things that make yuo happy instead of moping around wishing you had something else...you only have one life to live, live it.

And as for Justjoanie, her point about the wedding is EXTREMELY important...one day does not create a loving life for you. Only hard work and true love can get you through trying times...a dress and a dance are fleeting.