I totally care about my boyfriend of two months, be he only wants to see me when has time. whenever i ask him to come see me he would either stand me up and not even call back to let me know he will not be coming. He has this female roommate he is so intimidated by, he would practically run me out when she is about to get home. he doesn't want me to meet her or introduce me to her. I finally had sex with him 2 days ago and i have been feeling so disconnected from him since then. the touch wasn't the same, i felt like he had been with someone else prior and it made me feel so out of place... the sex was totally bad and after not having sex for so long, and i decided to have it with him, i thought it was going to be great but it was nothing to write home about. is this guy just not that into me or am i just feeling weird things?...


2974 days ago
oh dear..sorry but with the clear messages this man is giving out....he just does not seem to be someone you should be setting your hopes on. I think your instincts are right and you should move on and hopefully find someone who treats you with the respect and care you deserve

2974 days ago
I agree with chemar.. He doesnt seem to be your sort..