I have been married for 16 years. I still want my husband sexually. Everything he does just excites me. The problem is, he is tired of me. I have tried sexting, sending him pics of me, suggestive emails and voicemails, videos, role play, sexy clothes, and just telling him how much I appreciate him. He wants me to say that I do not want to have sex with him and that I want to leave him. That gets him excited. He also gets excited thinking about me getting pregnant by another man, or having sex with my ex-husband. These things do not work for me. I have told him that. So, basically, I feel worthless as a woman. When we do have sex, it is missionary only. No kissing, foreplay, or oral, he will not do that with me. I have tried to be spontaneous, but he tells me he decides when and how we have sex.
I love him so much and want to please him. I appreciate the time with him. I am really feeling helpless and unappreciated as a woman. I am having anxiety and trouble sleeping because of this.
Any advise?


2293 days ago
yikes! Sorry but I think you are being unfair to yourself by referring to "worthless wife"...........the problem is your husband! not you!! He is being selfish and unreasonable!

Honestly, I think he is degrading you and treating you with a total lack of respect or true love. And you are enabling him to do this to you!

I would suggest the two of you go to marriage counseling as otherwise there is only one way for this relationship to go IMO....down!

I know you love him...but it is clear you are very unhappy, and it is affecting your health and mental wellbeing. Can you really spend the rest of your life being treated as "worthless"? You are not worthless and your husband needs a wake up call to remind him of that!