Hi there ,

I was diagnoised with Depression ,OCD and anxiety over 20 years ago ,went through all the usual therapy medication's ECT's but 6 months ago I was diagnoised with BPD and even tough it was a relief to have a proper diagnoises and start a DBT programe sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed I cannot be there fully for my kids.I am there in body but not in spirit and that alone makes me feel so guilty my mood is always low ,I am trying the skills I have learned but I was just wondering if anybody knew a specific type of anti-depressant for BPD ?

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1984 days ago
Hi Endeavy - are you talking about Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder? Since you have multiple diagnoses, its best to speak with your doctor. Are you on any medication for these issues ATM?

Its certainly understandable you would feel overwhelmed sometimes especially if you're raising children. Are the doctors saying you don't have OCD or you have all this on top of what you're already diagnosed with?? I know its hard but being mindful helps and I hope with the right help you'll function better.

1983 days ago
Hi Bella thank you for your reply ,

I have been told I have Borderline Personality Disorder along with the usual things like anxiety ,OCD ,depression and until I got the diagnoses I was taking anti-depressants and relaxers for 15 years ,I was changed to Lustral which I think is still an anti-depressant and left on the relaxers but I find my mood is staying down all of the time since the change of med's .I thought there might be a specific medicine for BPD but my Doctor's dont want me to change from the Lustral :-(

I am in DBT therapy at the moment but I just do not think the med's are helping my depression .

Thanks x

1981 days ago
I too have BPD and I know it's harder for you because you have kids and it's not about yourself anymore but for them too. Well medications will help but to an extend only, reconsult your doctor and then aside from meds try other things too such as eating healthy, exercising (it works) especially if you start to feel good about yourself, read books and watch happy movies, talk to your kids, make a choice gradually, don't force it all at once, keep a diary and never loose hope. =)